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29 December 2017

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Governance Coalition is established in 2004 with the motto of “Promoting Responsive Governance and Human Rights”. Since 1997, WAVE Foundation and its partner organizations have been working with special emphasis on local governance & civil society empowerment to address issues related with good governance, human rights, gender equality, violence against women, women rights and quality primary education. From this logical sequence of program learning, WAVE facilitated the formation of South Western Advocacy Network (SWAN), a network of 17 partner organizations of four south-west districts in 2001. In later, self initiative of WAVE and logical sequence of learning of implemented programs by SWAN partners has facilitated the formation of Governance Coalition. From SWAN to Governance Coalition, WAVE facilitated a gradual process of creating a national level NGO coalition working on Good Governance issues.


A Democratic and just society that ensures people’s right to live with dignity.


Establish effective participation of the poor and marginalized people in exercising their rights over the decision making and policy making processes that affect their lives.


 Strengthening accountable and responsive governance at all levels so that the poor and marginalized people will be able to    realize their rights, recognize to claim these rights from and influence key actors to achieve their rights.

 Enhancing the capacity of local government to ensure responsive governance and public services at local level.

 Campaigning and advocacy for establishing local government system.

 Strengthening capacity of the poor and marginalized people to organize themselves for achieving changes in public policy   and practices of their concerns particularly related with local governance and public service delivery.

 Promoting and protecting basic economic and social human rights including the right to education, health services, food, work, shelter and justice with particular focus on fulfillment of women and children’s rights.

 Building the capacity of partner organizations to undertake relevant advocacy initiatives in the areas of human rights and good governance.

 Sensitize the informal justice institutions and practices to be effective in delivering justice and fair treatment to marginalized groups, particularly women who cannot seek formal justice because of poverty and lack of knowledge.

 Making the legal system more responsive by addressing the obstacles that people experience in accessing the formal justice systems.

 Developing Governance Coalition as an active platform at national level in order to create broad based support to promote   responsive governance and human rights at all levels.

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